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Aug 13

Jun 21
That should read “$2.00 but don’t bring any bills bigger than $10”

That should read “$2.00 but don’t bring any bills bigger than $10”

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Who are these 55 people?

Who are these 55 people?

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Nov 14

Awesome time-lapse from the ISS.

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Oct 11

Sep 29

Where for art thou PDF?

Condé Nast’s iPad magazines are really fat. And for the same reason why Apple doesn’t like Flash: their apps don’t efficiently use the iPad’s native implementations. Here, the issue is text and image rendering. With Flash, the main issue is H.264.

each Wired issue is actually a bunch of XML files that lay out a bunch of images. And by “a bunch of images” I mean 4,109 images weighing in at 397MB.

[Is This Really The Future of Magazines or Why Didn’t They Just Use HTML 5?]

for the moment, Adobe doesn’t have the ability to break up HTML text into individual pages

[Condé Nast’s iPad Apps Are Too Portly. Blame Adobe.]

Condé Nast relies on Adobe’s Digital Viewer, which was released just after Apple’s infamous ban on third-party development frameworks. Adobe had to custom-build the Objective-C code.

Why don’t they use PDF’s? I mean, it’s coming from Adobe! CS5 could export PDF’s, preserve vector graphics and text to reduce the file size. Then the app could present them in the unique layout.

Is there any technical limitation that prevents iOS from doing this with PDF’s?

My best guess is that Adobe is afraid to rely on Quartz’s PDF rendering. They’ve been planning this as a cross-platform digital reader, and WebKit rendering will be more consistent.

Sep 27

Finally, Some Competition!

RIM just announced the PlayBook, and it looks like the first iOS competitor that’s playing to win.

The Real Comparison

Apple made some compromises with the iPad (i.e. only h.264 video) because, in exchange, they got ≥10 hours of I-can’t-believe-it’s-still-not-plugged-in usage, at a sub-$500 price point.

Each of RIM’s marketing bullet-points for the PlayBook is a short-sighted jab at the iPad’s compromises. And the spec list looks like it exists for the sole purpose of overwhelming consumers.


Here’s a fun game: try to find the word “battery” in the PlayBook press release.

If battery life was as remarkable as it should be, RIM would have something to say about it. It’s really great that they managed to get a dual-core processor and 1GB of RAM. But this thing is going to be a flop if it’s an inefficient power hog.


They apparently have a cellular model in the pipeline, and this will give their WiFi model a real advantage over the iPad WiFi. I welcome the competition, and it makes me hopeful that Apple can get AT&T to let iPad owners tether to their iPhones.

Third-Party App Quality

RIM has not announced a native SDK. Developers can use either HTML5 or Flash. Shit sandwich, anyone?

Looks like Flash isn’t going down without a fight. While all signs point to this being more of a high-profile death than a triumphant revival, it’ll be fun to watch either way.

Apr 23

Windows Phone 7 Looks Unusable

Engadget: Windows Phone 7 videos

we get a quick look at the Word editor — and as you might expect, it’s squeaky-clean and nearly UI-free, just like pretty much everything else in the platform.

It’s all black-and-white, and there’s no cursor or control highlighting.

"UI-free" might look cool, but where do you tap?

Watch @ 1:08 in the second video:

  • Tap “add comment” button
  • Tap to select the only visible text field
  • There’s no indication of when it’s actually selected
  • There’s no cursor while typing

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